Inquiry Week 9, Term 2

Muhammed Ali passed away just a few short days ago – RIP. There was an outpouring of tributes from around the world, what can you discover about this character? Why do you think he was so well-loved? What can you take from his life that can help you? What do you think ‘Upsy Daisy Day’ is all about? What is the capital city of Sweden?

Muhammed Ali

Inquiry Term 2, Week 3

Yesterday was ANZAC Day – post comments on this post to share how you and your family commemorated this occasion (Dawn Service? Family gathering? March? Discussion?). Who was John Simpson Kirkpatrick and why was he considered a hero? Where is Sierra Leone and what information can your find out about this country? Why do we have a ‘Workers’ Memorial Day’? All this, and more in this week’s Inquiry 🙂