Inquiry Week 8 Term 1

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Where is Tunisia? What language do they speak? Which continent is this country in? Why do we need ‘Forgive Mum & Dad Day’? What news stories are you interested in this week? Who is Czar Nicolas II? All this and more will be discovered this week on…Inquiry…

Comm Ed

Inquiry Week 7 Term 1

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Remember to respect others opinions and use critical thinking skills. Your opinion matters just as much as other peoples’. Where is Ghana? Why would we celebrate Organisation Day? What’s happening on our planet? Share…
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Inquiry – Week 3, Term 1

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Welcome to our first ‘Inquiry’. Who is Stephen Hawking? Where is Cuba? Which day is ‘Blame Someone Else Day’? Find out as much as you can and share with your peers. What can we learn about our world today? Discussion is great, please be supportive and respectful.


Learning is


Welcome to the 2015 school year

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We’ve had a great start to the year and the students have settled in nicely. The class letter will be going home Thursday, 12th of February. We welcome your input on both our class blog and individual students blogs, however, please read the ‘Rules and Netiquette’ page first. We hope to begin adding to the blogs more regularly as the year progresses, so please check in occasionally.

Some dates to remember:

– There is a ‘Meet the Teacher’ evening planned for Wednesday, 25th of February.

– ‘Leadership Conference’ for Year 6 students – Tuesday 24th of February.


Merry Christmas Wanguri – 2014

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Miss W’s 100 WC

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‘Tis the season! Your response could be Christmas related but it’s not compulsory. Submit your responses as a comment and once I have read them, I will take part in YOUR 100WC.


…as they opened their eyes…

Ethan’s Storybird

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5W Current Affairs (Morning Routine)

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What do you think of the new name change? Can you think of anything different?

This week sees the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall…what is that? What does ‘philanthropy’ mean and what is the best sentence you can come up with using the word ‘freedom’. Time to share your thoughts…GERMANY-POLITICS-HISTORY-BERLIN WALL

Inquiry Term 4, Week 4

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What app would you create if you could? What does equality mean to you? Who is ‘Kid President’? And what’s happening on Thursday…?

Morning Routine Term 4, Week 3

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Zambia is celebrating its Independence Day this week. What can you find out about this country? What is happening in the news this week? Share your thoughts. Perhaps you can think of news that I haven’t brought up. Maybe you have some ideas on how to solve the world’s problems. Believe in the possible! Join our discussion :)