Potato Olympics

This week, 5 W and 5 G have been taking part in the ‘Potato Olympics’! Our Po-tathletes have taken part in a variety of events such as weight lifting (weight), diving (volume) and long jump (rolling distance). We have been comparing measurements and organising data (including looking at range, mean, mode and median). We still have a few more events to go tomorrow but here’s a few of our po-tatheletes and images from events. Check out our individual blogs for future developments, pics and data!


Morning Routine

Welcome to our first week of our new Morning Routine. Our friendly ‘Sister School’ in Western Sydney have inspired us to have a go at broadening our learning experiences. We will be looking at a variety of national and international observances, learning about countries and cultures around the world, building character and discussing a variety of topics. Please feel free to add your thoughts and contribute to our conversations by clicking on the image / link below.


Year 5 Blogs

Welcome Year 5s (both Glover and Webb), to the blogosphere :)

Please ensure that you explain nettiquette and cybersafety rules to family members that you wish to share your blogging experience with. Remember also, that your blog is a reflection on you and to always present your best efforts. I will still be the moderator for your work, but I will not write for you. You present your own personal best efforts. When commenting on other’s work samples, please remember to be respectful and relevant. This platform has the potential to be your own electrontic portfolio and demonstration of your achievements. Be proud of your effots!

As the semester progresses, we will be adding to your blogging skills but in the meantime, continue to explore and (responsibly) play!


Batchelor Camp


The camp is coming up in Week 4 and notes have been sent home with reminders about finalising payments and completing permission forms. If you know that your child will NOT be attending, please let us know by either contacting myself, the admin ladies or sending a note. This will help us with organisation.

Once we know who is and isn’t attending, students will receive a list of items to bring and items which are NOT allowed (mobile phones, tablets and electronic games will be at the top of this list).

Welcome to 2014

Hello Year 5 :)

What a great start to 2014! Make sure you check out your new class blog page and practice adding a comment. Remember to follow the ‘netiquette’ conventions that we’ve discussed in class. If you have forgotten or want to show your family / friends, click on the link above to refresh your memory. These rules are for your safety and to ensure that we all have an awesome blogging experience :) Also remember that all comments are sent to me to accept prior to being published online.


Happy blogging and don’t forget to check in regularly.

Miss W