Inquiry, Week 8, Term 3 – Please Read!

I have been looking at recent ‘stickies’ and I want to remind you all to ONLY make relevant posts. I realise that last week mentioned emojis and I enjoyed some responses, but ‘are you here’ comments and the like are INAPPROPRIATE. If these continue, I may have to rethink the ‘Inquiry’. Please consider your responses carefully. That said, enjoy this week’s Inquiry :)


Inquiry Week 7, Term 2

This Tuesday is National Sorry Day. We have created news reports on the Stolen Generation and this is the day to look deep within ourselves to consider our true feelings on the subject. Consider your thoughts. Remember to be respectful as this is a very sensitive topic to many.

sorry 2

Inquiry Week 4, Term 2

This week we have a quote from a man named, Martin Luther King Jr. What does it mean to you? We are also looking at a country called, The Netherlands. Plenty of special days to remember, including the VERY important ‘Mother’s’ Day on Sunday. How will you appreciate your mum / grandma or other significant female role model / carer?