Poetic Devices

This term we are looking at Poetic Devices.

LI: Explore a range of Poetic Devices

SC: Identify a variety of devices in writing

SC: Use a variety of devices in writing

SC: Explain the purpose of using Poetic Devices in writing

Here is an interesting clip which exposes students to a variety of devices used in writing

Inquiry Week 2, Term 4

Viva Espana :) This week we shall find out more about Spain, Miss W’s favourite country. You will also share your ideas about Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset. There is a YouTube clip to watch that I will show you at school as well. Think back to last week’s lesson on neuroplasticity and reflect on how this can make a difference to you as a lifelong learner.Growth Mindset

On This Day: Don’t forget to put the date that you did your research. Current Affairs: What’s happening in the world? Think events, politics and even the world of sport! Nicaragua: Where is this place? Tell us more about it.Learning is

Inquiry, Week 8, Term 3 – Please Read!

I have been looking at recent ‘stickies’ and I want to remind you all to ONLY make relevant posts. I realise that last week mentioned emojis and I enjoyed some responses, but ‘are you here’ comments and the like are INAPPROPRIATE. If these continue, I may have to rethink the ‘Inquiry’. Please consider your responses carefully. That said, enjoy this week’s Inquiry :)