April 25

Inquiry Term 2, Week 3

Yesterday was ANZAC Day – post comments on this post to share how you and your family commemorated this occasion (Dawn Service? Family gathering? March? Discussion?). Who was John Simpson Kirkpatrick and why was he considered a hero? Where is Sierra Leone and what information can your find out about this country? Why do we have a ‘Workers’ Memorial Day’? All this, and more in this week’s Inquiry :)


March 8

Inquiry Week 7, Term 1 2016

Please write your comments on the same coloured sticky as the prompt (e.g. yellow for Mauritius) – this makes it easier for people to follow your comments. Who was Wilbur Wright and how has he made life easier for us in 2016? Where in the world is Mauritius and what is a Good Samaritan?


November 8

Inquiry Week 6, Term 4

What happened ‘on this day’? Don’t forget to add your initials or name, along with the date that you do the Inquiry. Find out what you can about Cambodia and share…there’s a lot to discover! One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind…What’s that all about?images

October 22

Poetic Devices

This term we are looking at Poetic Devices.

LI: Explore a range of Poetic Devices

SC: Identify a variety of devices in writing

SC: Use a variety of devices in writing

SC: Explain the purpose of using Poetic Devices in writing

Here is an interesting clip which exposes students to a variety of devices used in writing